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05 - Create and edit articles in Joomla 3

Learn how to create and edit articles. See how you can set the articles blog. How to make a read more buttons on Joomla 301? How to set up the way that articles are displayed on Joomla 3?
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04 - Create a menu item on Joomla 3

How to create menus on the front page and how to connect them with different components that you installed.
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03 - how to create categories in Joomla 3

In this tutorial I will learn you how to create categories in Joomla 3.
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02 - Joomla 3 - How to erase articles, categories, menus and modules

In this VIDEO tutorial I will learn you how to erase  articles, menus, categories and modules.
Here you will see that I erase all sample data that we have installed on the previous lesson but remember, if you don't need to have some sample data on your website, you can install it without any initial data.
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01 - Joomla 3 - How to install

This is my first lesson for you for Joomla 3 and is about how to install Joomla 3. Is a video tutorial. I tried to be very clear and I hope you like it.
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Joomla 3 lessons comming soon

I will start uploading lessons for Joomla 3 soon.
You need to know that Joomla 3 is not recomended for production in this moment.
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Tutorials requests

See here the list with the tutorials that the user requested.

- install a template
- how to use plugins
- importing the design from photoshop.
- how to import different page designs.
- drop down menu from your designs.
- how to enter some of your own javascript and some of your own php.
- how to import mass files and organize for sales.  product page

If you want a tutorial, write me, and I will make it for you.
I will be happy if you can donate me so I can keep the tutorials for free :) Thank you!

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