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I made an upgrade from J1.5 to Joomla3

Hello! I made anmigration from a Joomla 1.5 to a Joomla 3 version. I would like to list the base website I used to make this migration: - for upgrading from J2.5 - at some point you will need this. :) - in case you will have this problem
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Joomla 2.5 - How to create user notes

This lesson is about user notes creation. User notes are useful in case you want to specify something to amdinistrators or even for you about a user. Please take in consideration that you can organize notes, using "Note Categories" screen nut is not mandatory.
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Video tutorial Joomla 25 - 02 - How do you hide something from logged in users - set guest level

Starting in Joomla! 1.6 you can hide modules, menu items, content and other things from logged in users by using the Guest feature. You can create now a new menu item which use this component and call this menu "Logout". Set for it the access "Registered", so this will be shown only when a user is logged in.
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Text Tutorial Joomla 2.5 - How to find if a use is logged in or not

This is the way you can check on your extension code if a Joomla 2.5 user is logged in or not.
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Video Tutorial Joomla25 - 01 - How To Discover Extensions

Find out why and when you should use Joomla Discover Extensions function.
Is a video tutorial which I made it just for you.
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PHP – find latitude and longitude from an address (string)

I found on the web a function that I used on my projects that return you the GPS coordonates by a string (the address). Hope will help you.
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jQuery - find if a checkbox is checked

I allways use jQuery on my projects. This is why this line of code is a common fnction that I use. In most cases when I submit a form via Ajax.
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Tutorials requests

See here the list with the tutorials that the user requested.

- install a template
- how to use plugins
- importing the design from photoshop.
- how to import different page designs.
- drop down menu from your designs.
- how to enter some of your own javascript and some of your own php.
- how to import mass files and organize for sales.  product page

If you want a tutorial, write me, and I will make it for you.
I will be happy if you can donate me so I can keep the tutorials for free :) Thank you!

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