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Great offer on 31 Octomber 2012!

Because I want you to have a Happy Halloween I give you the HALLOWEEN coupon with 50% discount for every paid Joomla extension from this website! :) Use it with pleasure!
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A new free plugin for administrators!

I created a simple but usefull plugin for administrating better your users.
This plugin is for Joomla 2.5 and send an email for each new registered user with all information that he completed on the registration form.

New website release

Hi! Thank you for "watching" me :) Welcome to my new website version. Read more to find out what is new!

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Tutorials requests

See here the list with the tutorials that the user requested.

- install a template
- how to use plugins
- importing the design from photoshop.
- how to import different page designs.
- drop down menu from your designs.
- how to enter some of your own javascript and some of your own php.
- how to import mass files and organize for sales.  product page

If you want a tutorial, write me, and I will make it for you.
I will be happy if you can donate me so I can keep the tutorials for free :) Thank you!

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