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Module - Ral Bulk Images Grid Show

This is a RESPONSIVE module user jQuery scripts from: prettyPhoto and Isotope.

Can be used for:
- ajax images galleries
- portfolio

Ask me anything by pressing the bottom button. I will be happy to answer you :)

btnbuymeOnly 7€!
Click to see the DEMO

mod ral bulk imagesvideo-printscreen-play


- responsive layout (works with mobile phones, ipad, any device screen size)
- easy to install and configure (maximum 3 minutes - see video tutorial)
- easy to import images. This is the reason I call it BULK because you only have to upload all images into a folder or more folders and they just appear
- change layout for light box with one click.
- cheap price with professional quality
- easy to configure (show or hide tabs, show or hide lightbox, set the images width from grid)
- easy updates thru Joomla system
- can be used for unlimited domains and can be updated for a life time.

UPDATE 2012-12-15
Add 2 Parameters for the light box image - the following setting are applied only for the image that is opened in the light box:

- Show Thumb Pictures Gallery: If set to yes, then when an image is opening in the modal window (light box) the, if there are more then one image, thumb images will be shown for other existing photos on that folder.

- Show Number Of Photos: If set to yes, then the number of photo that is displayed will be shown.

How to use

How to install and configure Ral Bulk Images Grid Show
1. Go to "Extensions" "Extension Manager" menu.
2. Select the zip file you have downloaded and press "Upload & Install" button.
3. Go to "Extensions" "Module Manager" menu and click on "Ral Bulk Images Grid Show" module.
4. Select a position for it, publish the module, and select the menus where this module will appear. On the right side you have the configuration options for this module. Press "Save" button and go on the front page side to see the first results.
5. Let's add a new category (which will generate a new tab on the top). Each category name must be inserted on a new line.
6. The same we will do for Categories folders where you will set the folder from where the files will be taken. If the folder is empty then no images will be shown.
7. You can change the images width that will be shown on the grid.
8. Use "Select Lightbox Theme" to change the way that lightbox image appear. You have to choose from 6 layouts models.
9.If you don’t want to see the top tabs then just select no on the option "Show top tabs". You will get all images from all categories.

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