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Ral Article Grid


Here you will find 2 examples:

1. with no tabs and no overlay set (no popup on mouse over)

2. with tabs (you can change from backend the tabs color)

mod_ralarticlegrid - demo1

mod_ralarticlegrid - demo2

Another example si the one that I used for my PORTFOLIO presentation on this website.

Ral Article Grid

Ral Article Gallery module version 1.2.0


Ral Article Gallery module version 1.0.4

2012-09-10 UPDATE: Ral Article Gallery module version 1.0.4
- I've added a new option on Basic Settings for this module called "Title under image Length (chars)".
Now you can have different characters length on the title blow the image and on overlay.

- I create a new option called "Stretch image". Now you can have the image not stretched inside the box.

- I also created a new option for images background because, when you set not to stretch the image, this will not fill the entire box and is centered so you can set the box background to look ok.

2012-08-29 UPDATE: Ral Article Gallery module version 1.0.3
- make tabs background color transparent
- possibility to choose more categories for each tab

2012-05-01 load thru Ajax the selected articles or categories

Highly configurable stand alone module to list articles thru images.



  • Displays the first image of each article
  • On mouse over an image, an overlay window appear and this contain: article title, a brief description, date of creation, author, number of hits and a “read more” button
  • Images will be displayed as a grid of images
  • The images can have 3 different sized fully configurable
  • You can set tabs
  • Each tab can contain articles from a specific category (that you select) or only the items you need (introduce IDs Articles)
  • All these features are configurable




Print screens

click on each image to see it clear

Ral Article Grid Ral Article Grid Ral Article Grid
Ral Article Grid Ral Article Grid

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